World’s First Magnetic Theranostic Solution

Developing the world’s first magnetic theranostic solution enabling diagnosis and therapy of infectious pathogens.

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How We're Fighting Covid-19

The Problem

Within 6 months, SARS-CoV-2 (“Coronavirus”) spread to 185 countries, infected more than 10 million people, and killed more than 500 thousand people world-wide. Currently there are no vaccines or drugs to effectively treat or prevent COVID-19 disease.

Should vaccines or drugs become available they are unlikely to be 100% effective.

Moreover, as has been demonstrated with other vaccines and drug therapies, mutations can render vaccines and drug therapies ineffective, even for well-known infectious etiologies. This problem is further exacerbated by reports of COVID-19 reinfection.

Our Solution
(Investigational, not FDA approved)

Shape Theranostics is developing Magnetic Microdevices for targeted mechanical destruction of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and other shape-defined pathogens. 

Company’s biodegradable microdevices could be inhaled or injected into the body and actuated with external magnetic fields. 

The devices could be used to measure viral loads and to inactivate viruses in infected patients, before or after symptoms have begun.  

how we work

Our Vision


Shape Theranostics has a novel shape-based theranostic approach for diagnosing and treating infectious pathogens that have well-defined shapes and sizes (e.g., SARS-CoV-2). 

Investigational studies (not FDA approved) suggest that magnetic microdevices can be used to detect COVID-19 and quantify viral loads. 

The studies also suggest that by applying an external magnetic field to the devices, COVID-19 capsids can be mechanically damaged (deactivating the virus).  

Value Proposition

Shape Theranostics’ approach opens the potential for a whole new class of anti-virals and anti-microbials that can be tailored to selectively destroy hard-to-treat pathogens with well-defined mechanical properties. 

Moreover, this shape-based approach may prove robust to mutations that may otherwise render drug therapies and vaccines ineffective.

Market Focus

Currently 20 million people have been infected with Coronavirus. Company’s initial focus is COVID-19 but the technology may also prove applicable to other viruses (e.g., SARS, MERS, HIV), bacteria (e.g., N. meningitidis, MRSA, Salmonella), and parasitic diseases (e.g., Malaria, Chagas, Leishmaniasis).

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